Deliver brand information to exhibition delegates on demand

Unique tap-and-go system sends information to visitors by email

Key Features

For you

  • Collect visitor data
  • Gain insight on delegate’s actions
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Measure event ROI

For your visitors

  • Targeted, relevant information
  • Personalised to reflect their needs
  • Easy to use, just tap and go
  • No heavy bags of brochures to carry

Collect visitor data

  • Use data for follow-up sales calls
  • Track visitors' interests for valuable R&D insight
  • Monitor visitor activity on a live dashboard
  • CRM integration removes manual data input
  • Easy ROI management
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Who will use brandWallet?


The agency

Your clients look to you to help differentiate them and keep them abreast of innovative technologies. Your clients will find the ability to personalise and target the content their visitors see in the live environment totally transformative. They will also thank you for helping them finally find an effective way to measure ROI and benchmark events.


The brand

You need a better way to unobtrusively capture data when exhibiting. You need to increase the efficiency of your stand staff, maximise the value of your leads and measure ROI of each event. The ability to automatically tailor content to your visitor’s personal needs will make your marketing manager sing.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does brandWallet work?

    brandWallet uses RFID technology to send...

    brandWallet uses RFID technology to send personalised information targeted to each visitors’ needs, whilst collecting rich data for exhibitors.  This gives you three key advantages:

    Content personalisation: For the first time, you can now create compelling tailored messaging in the live environment.  The delegate’s RFID tag houses their demographic information, which means content is automatically customised to reflect their needs at each screen they interact with on your exhibit.

    Data capture: No more conversations in the dark – integration with your CRM and real-time data visibility means stand staff can view full customer history there and then. The intuitive data-capture system enables you to track and measure delegates’ collateral choices, real-time opinions, brochures requested and length of time on stand.

    Rich analytics: The dashboard provides an overview of visitor activity with instant reports showing headline stats or detailed breakdowns by stand staff or product type.  The inbuilt ROI calculator makes measuring the value of an event and benchmarking against other shows easy.

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  • How will brandWallet save me money?

    brandWallet removes the need to print and ship...

    brandWallet removes the need to print and ship material because all of your marketing collateral is digitalised and stored in the system.  Visitors who want more information simply add your brochures or product sheets to their digital rucksack and email it to themselves when they’re finished

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