Have you ever wondered what your staff discuss with visitors at events and exhibitions? Widely adopted by the Pharmaceutical industry, metriX is an advanced software package that allows you to clearly and easily analyse the impact of your event from the moment it starts to post show evaluation and even forecast planning.

Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting

Used as a sales reporting tool, metriX clearly monitors and analyses the interaction between a member of staff and the event delegate. With metriX you can see exactly what staff are discussing with visitors, the information they are showing them and how long they spend discussing particular products with the visitors they speak to.



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Data Capture

Data Capture

metriX allows for extended and in depth data capture. Providing clarity, metriX can improve show performance by tracking key performance indicators, monitoring topical trends and providing post show measurement.

Find out how metriX can help the performance of your event
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How does metriX work?

1.     The staff member logs in

2.     For every sales related activity that takes place, the member of staff scans the visitor’s event badge to initiate an interaction with that individual

3.     Using a touch screen, staff can illustrate and discuss a variety of products. Visitors can even request more information about a particular product by registering their email address and sending it to themselves, saving you money on printed literature

4.     For each conversation that takes place, metriX records exactly which products have been discussed and the amount of time spent discussing them

5.     All statistics are collated and displayed on a dashboard. The dashboard is live and can be used to monitor progression at any point during the event or exhibition. Using the dashboard users can:

Example statistics from an event in 2013…

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