Fusion is a ridiculously easy way of controlling all the tech on your stand from a single touch device, simultaneously and in real-time. Unlike Watchout or other conventional media servers, Fusion is able to sync and control interactive devices and software as well as video, audio and lighting.

Fusion is proprietary software from DBpixelhouse, created for numerous purposes; it lets you fling content from a tablet or table onto a wall, synchronise interactive content over all the screens on your booth, your CEO can even come to the stand and switch all screens to his presentation by simply tapping his watch!

Giving visitors the ability to literally “take over” all the tech on your stand with the tap of a screen makes them feel like a digital god!

Fusion enabled us to create a world record breaking, fully interactive iPad wall using hundreds of iPads. We mapped video over the tablets as if they were one screen, whilst allowing users to take them out of the wall and access different content, before blowing their minds as they placed the tablet back into the wall and watched as it blended back into the video!

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Fusion™ Showreel

Fusion™ Showreel

A short video showcasing our Fusion projects so far. Use Fusion to control all digital aspects of your stand with just a tablet or similar device, attract delegates with a 'stand takeover', wow them with an iPad wall or 'fling' content from screens to giant videowalls!

Booth Takeover with Fusion™

Booth Takeover with Fusion™

Syncing sweeping video over numerous interactive touchscreens, iPads, and iPhones!

Live Conference Fusion™

Live Conference Fusion™

Synced iPad, Fusion Wireless Control and Live Voting/ Results

DBpixelhouse Fusion™

DBpixelhouse Fusion™

Control anything with anything!

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Tablet Controller

Allow delegates or reps to interact with digital content on screens or videowalls via a tablet controller.

Tablets & Screens

Multiple users can use individual tablets to control the same or several different screens.

Fusion Attract

A tablet controller can be used to trigger anon-stand ‘Attract’ – a cutom animation designed to ‘takeover’ all other screens and grab attention.

Synced Tablets for Live Voting

Large numbers (250+) of tablets perfectly synced together provide an engaging andslick voting system or quiz.

Custom Tablet Displays

Tablets are preloaded with individual (or the same) app/s, then their presentation is up to you! Reps can control all tablets from a controller tablet.

Custom Screen Displays

Touchscreens at angles, mounted on a giant LED wall, with controller tablets on stands in front?! The possibilities are endless!