Virtual Reality


We are experts at creating Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences for events.

DBpixelhouse have spent more than 8 years creating stunning experiential experiences, games and interactives for the world’s top brands. DB Systems carry a large stock of the latest high-quality VR headsets and accessories including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Microsoft Hololens.

As a trusted specialist at some of Planet Earth’s largest largest VR events, whether you need experience and content creation, headset hire or VR synchronisation – we make your life easy.


Virtual Hangar / HTC Vive™

Virtual Hangar / HTC Vive™

Our VR Hangar allows delegates @ Aerospace events to walk around and explore full scale Heli’s and Planes, removing outer panels or viewing in-experience digital content

Virtual Reality Showreel

Virtual Reality Showreel

A short video showcasing our virtual reality projects so far, mainly using HTC Vice, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear.

5,000 Headsets @ MWC

5,000 Headsets @ MWC

5,000 Samsung Gear VR headsets with synchronised 360 degree video content, all running on a DB Event Network in Barcelona

London Skies / Oculus™

London Skies / Oculus™

We mapped, modelled and shaded a “virtual” London skyline, sending users on a parachute experience through the clouds whilst delivering brand messaging

Product Physics Game

Product Physics Game

We developed this immensely fun, physics based full walk-around “room-scale” experience. Used on multiple HTC Vive rigs

Brightstar at MWC 2017

Brightstar at MWC 2017

We created a trio of bespoke, room-scale VR games featuring walk around movement & haptic feedback. Each Vive rig was situated in a themed, projection mapped space. Archery and Jenga in VR.

Why VR?

Currently on Planet Earth there isn’t a more engaging or immersive way to deliver information, or explain something, than VR.

Headsets for hire

We stock all the latest major HMD’s: HTC Vive™ / Samsung GearVR™ / Oculus Rift™ / Microsoft HoloLens™ and plenty of peripherals!

What is mixed reality?

We create beautiful holographics of your product or concept. Using Microsoft HoloLens™, we position the hologram in real 3D “space”, so that users view, explore and interact using gestures.

Why now?

The kit and software is now sophisticated enough that room scale (“walk around”) VR and hand controls feel as intuitive and smooth as in real life.

“Problem with VR is..”

“It blocks you out”. Yep, but we can create experiences for multiple users & headsets. We turn presenters into mic’d up tour guides and we offer a viewing screen!

Where to start?

Just give us a call and our friendly, experienced team will help: Formulate a concept, create an environment, perfect your functionality and deliver your message.

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HTC Vive™

In our opinion, the king of VR right now, allows for ultra powerful and intuitive experiences and games with haptics, hand controls and full walk around room-scale

Oculus Rift™

Great VR headset which also allows for room-scale experiences – with optional hand controllers, and easy to place/ set-up single sensor

Samsung Gear VR™

Untethered, flexible, mobile driven headset suitable for mass use and low-end VR



Provide more accurate hand-tracking to VR & really feel the experience.

VR Treadmill

Walk, run and go backwards naturally within VR experiences.

Wireless headset

Explore virtual worlds untethered!

Custom controller

Add motion-tracking to any 3rd-party object and create a VR controller.

Motion chair

Explore 360° without wires tangling & transform VR experiences.